Lots of Pasta. Oh, and monster girls. Vidya too. If I'm following you, I probably think you're cool, but don't have the strength to tell you that to your face. I ramble a lot, I'm doing it now. JoJos. Feel free to ask about anything.

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Anonymous asked
every mabrijo in glasses pls

That’s a lot of girls, but okay

Anonymous asked
What program do you use for your games and stuff?

Novelty (One day I’ll into Ren’py, today is not that day).

It’s an obvious beta, but it works (Most of the time), so good enough.

captainanaugi asked
we need doubleglasses fujo. DUWAL WEELD

That’s gay.

You’re gay.

Anonymous asked
ESPECIALLY if it's a cyclops monstergirl.



Anonymous asked
But Megane Fujo is the best Fujo!!!

This guy gets it.

Every girl can be improved by adding glasses

Even if she already wears them

specopsgrunt said: pls shove ur thick reaction folder into my tender boipussy

radiofreemagica said: I remember seeing you use a reaction image I’d made myself once. Made me damn proud.


Anonymous asked
Are you my actual little sister?? Same thing happened with her

I would hope not.

Because that means Library Brother and NEET Brother would know things I’d prefer them to not know

>NEET brother and I both go on the vidya

>Neither will admit it

>There’s a good chance I’ve called him a smegma farming dick fence in a thread and didn’t realize it

Anonymous asked
is that that fucking red riding hood doujin

You and I both know it is.